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Cornell Cooperative Extension has launched the Best Energy Practices program to assist New York farmers in identifying specific measures to cut energy costs and enhance overall farm productivity and efficiency. The program's website provides free resources on the latest energy-saving technologies. It also facilitates farmer-educator connections, allowing farmers to seek advice and guidance on reducing their farm's energy consumption.

Given the substantial energy consumption in farming, particularly in livestock and crop production, farmers are vulnerable to fluctuations within the energy market. Upgrading on-farm technology, including lighting, refrigeration, ventilation, motors, pumps, controls, and thermal technologies, can shield farmers from price surges and boost their bottom line. Implementing preventative equipment maintenance, enhancing building efficiency, and adopting new high-efficiency motors or lighting are examples of steps farmers can take to reduce energy use.

The Ag Energy NY website is structured by farm sectors such as field crops, vegetables, livestock, poultry, grains, maple, orchards, berries, and vineyards. Tailored resources for each sector, developed by agriculture and energy professionals, are accessible on the website.

Farmers are encouraged to connect with the team for questions on energy-saving strategies and guidance on available resources and incentives. For more information, visit


Haley Collins
Agriculture Farmland Protection & Planning Program Manager
845-292-6180 ext. 131

Last updated March 4, 2024