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Access to Farmland

The need to connect aspiring farmers with those transitioning out of farming and non-farming landowners is urgent, particularly with the projection by the American Farmland Trust that 40 percent of America's agricultural land will change hands in the next 15 years. Failure to increase accessibility to agricultural land for new farmers could lead to a crisis for future generations. Sullivan County's agricultural sector is well positioned to effectively address these challenges. Our farms not only provide access to fresh, healthy foods but also play a significant role in stimulating the local economy by supporting businesses like restaurants, markets, and equipment suppliers. They help keep property taxes down, as municipal services required by agricultural land uses cost less than what they generate in property tax revenues. Additionally, farmlands contribute to the county's scenic rural landscapes, open spaces, and wildlife habitats, enhancing the quality of life for both residents and visitors. Sullivan County's approach to increasing agricultural land access can serve as an important model for building and maintaining the interconnectedness of land, food, economy, and community well-being.

Comprehensive resources can help at any stage of the complex process of agricultural land related matters. These resources offer insights into legal, financial, and sustainable practices associated with land use. Farmers and landowners can benefit from guidance on navigating legal frameworks, understanding zoning regulations, and ensuring compliance with environmental standards. Financial planning tools aid in budgeting for land acquisition and ongoing operational and transitional expenses. With access to the right resources, individuals can make more informed decisions, mitigate risks, and contribute to the long-term success and resilience of their agricultural endeavors. 

Accessing land:

Resources for connecting farmers with available farmland and guidelines for financial and readiness planning.

Farmland for a New Generation New York - American Farmland Trust

Farmland for a New Generation New York | Bringing a New Generation of Farmers to the Land (

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Legal & Financial Resources:

Resources that provide essential legal and financial guidance.

Farm Commons - Support and resources for legal resilience.

HOME - Farmland Access Legal Toolkit

Applications and Forms | Natural Resources Conservation Service (

Comprehensive resources:

Comprehensive resources on a variety of topics including access to capital, marketing, land access and ag business development

Resources - CADE Farms

Land Access Resources - American Farmland Trust

Land For Good - Land For Good

For those looking to lease:

Resources for those interested in finding available leases and for land owners looking to lease their own land.

Leasing - Farmland Access Legal Toolkit

Leasing Land Resource List - FIC (


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Agriculture Farmland Protection & Planning Program Manager
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Last updated January 25, 2024