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Access to Farmland


Are you a farmer looking to lease, rent or purchase your property

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The Center for Agriculture and Food Systems (CAFS) at Vermont Law School launched a new online resource, the Farmland Access Legal Toolkit, to help farmers and landowners affordably access, transfer, and conserve farmland. The toolkit is free and available at farmlandaccess.org

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FarmCommons also provides a variety of resources for farmers.


Sullivan County farms provide access to fresh, healthy foods. They contribute significantly to the local economy and support related non-farm businesses, such as feed and equipment suppliers. They help keep property taxes down as municipal services required by agricultural land uses cost less than what they generate in property tax revenues. And they contribute to the County’s scenic landscapes and rural character, as well as provide open spaces and wildlife habitats-all of which are essential to the quality of life here that’s so highly valued by residents and visitors. CCE Sullivan provides resources on agriculture for realtors. Below are helpful links on resources that you can use when discussing agriculture property to both farmers and non-farmers.


Melinda Meddaugh
Agriculture & Food Systems Issue Leader
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Last updated June 7, 2023