Baking is just one of the many topics you can learn in 4-H!

Baking is just one of the many activities you can learn in 4-H!


Science, Tech, Engineering, and Math (STEM) play a part in nearly all project areas.

Community Service with 4-H!

Community Service is a major aspect of 4-H, and each club tackles it in their own way!

4-H Clubs

4-H clubs provide a wide variety of opportunities for young people aged 5-to-19. More than 300 youth are enrolled in our 4-H club program, in groups that are as varied as your imagination. 

Members of 4-H clubs are learning about environmental issues, veterinary medicine, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), shooting sports, sewing skills, healthy lifestyles, animal showmanship, and having fun in the process!

If youth have a hobby or interest that they would like to explore, and enjoy being with friends, join a 4-H club where members learn something new while having fun, improving communication and leadership skills, and serving their community. If there isn't already a 4-H club that meets your needs, our 4-H staff can help a parent or adult volunteer organize and support a club.


Barbara Moran
4-H Youth Development Program Manager
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Last updated January 27, 2023