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The strategic plan identifies four primary goals: engage with the community and Cornell University, ensure quality in our five program areas, explore regional funding and partnership opportunities, and stabilize Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCESC) resources.

The plans of work are divided into CCESC’s five program areas: Agriculture and Food Systems, Environment and Natural Resources, Community and Economic Vitality, Nutrition and Healthy Families, and Family and Youth Development.

CCESC staff and executive director worked with the board of directors, program advisory committees, community organizational partners, volunteers, and CCE State Extension staff to develop these foundational guiding documents. 

The steps included:

  • Scan and summarize needs and priorities expressed in board, advisory committee, and staff meeting minutes from the years 2011-2014
  • Scan the Sullivan County Comprehensive 2020 Plan for shared goals and objectives
  • Review CCE State Extension Strategic Plan and Plans of Work
  • Draft CCESC Strategic Plan and Plans of Work to mirror any and all shared goals, objectives, strategies, action items, and performance measures identified in the State Extension plans Include Sullivan County specific strategies and action items/programs
  • Remove State Extension plan items not directly relate to the Sullivan County community
  • Present to county partners and Legislators at various community meetings
  • Post draft documents for 30 days for public comment
  • Present to program advisory committee for input and approval
  • Draft minor revisions based on feedback
  • Present to and approved by CCESC board of directors

The plans are meant to serve as a guide for Extension staff when planning and implementing educational programs, opportunities, and outreach for the Sullivan County community. Several data points, input from a cross section of the Sullivan County community, and identified priority areas that align with statewide Extension goals ensure support from the local County and state levels. Please don’t hesitate to send additional feedback or to ask questions for further insight into our system and programs.

Last updated February 27, 2023