BANNER Growing Herbs

Learn about creating value-added products to sell in the region and create your own oil!


Growing Herbs For Value-Added Hygiene Products

  • Tuesday, April 23, 2024, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Erika and Kendra are Small farm business owners in Sullivan County with years of experience growing herbs in our climate, and creating value-added products to sell in the region. 

After a presentation from Erika and Kendra, we'll walk through creating your own calendula and lavender infused oil. You'll take home a lavender infused oil, seed sowing kit, calendula unfused oil, and planted calendula! 


More about the presenters:

-Erika Malmgreen of Winterton Farms: 

Erika and Kent, the dedicated couple steering Winterton Farms, both hail from the region, their profound connection to the land and its people igniting their fervor for farming. Juggling the responsibilities of their family farm alongside their two young children who frolic across their 32 acres, and with two older children pursuing studies at college, their commitment to their land and family is unwavering. Erika, deeply ingrained in Sullivan County as a lifelong resident, channels her passion for nature and creativity into the farm's handcrafted product line, while also serving as Chairwoman of the Sullivan County Agriculture and Farmland Protection Board, actively shaping local initiatives. United in their vision, Erika and Kent lead Winterton Farms' expansion endeavors, propelling innovative projects like high tunnels, irrigation ponds, and a brewery. Their collective vision not only propels the farm's growth but also pledges to enrich the community with fresh produce, artisanal goods, and opportunities for camaraderie amidst the scenic landscapes of the Catskills.

-Kendra Payne of the Herbal Scoop: 

Kendra Payne is the owner and operator of The Herbal Scoop. She has worked in the wellness industry for over 12 years as an herbalist, yoga teacher, health coach, juice cleanse concierge, and a meditation teacher. Through her own experience, Kendra created The Herbal Scoop to offer the opportunity for people to heal on their own terms. Her farm business produces a wide range of products from herbal tea blend, bulk herbs, elixirs, extracts, and skin care products. Kendra sells her products through her website and her store at the Callicoon Marketplace in Callicoon, NY.





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