Design your own grapevine wrapped teepee trellis!


Make a Teepee Trellis Workshop

  • Saturday, June 4, 2022, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

This program is offered by and hosted at Cornell Cooperative Extension Orange County!

Trellising has been a longstanding garden tradition for both function and beauty. From the corn stalk trellises used in a Three Sisters Garden to metal tomato cages, trellises are an essential garden structure for healthy plants. Homemade garden trellises provide a perfect place to grow vining plants. Let your creative side run wild with rustic charm when you design your own grapevine wrapped Teepee trellises to incorporate into your garden. Later you can even add lights for an instant garden accent! You will make a 5’ foot tall trellis to take home. Trellis making materials and tools are provided as part of the registration fee.

Patti Martellaro is a Senior Master Gardener Volunteer. She enjoys meeting people through workshops and speaker bureau presentations. Some of her favorite programs involve working with flowers, container gardening, and several nature craft programs. Lorie Lotito has been a Master Gardener Volunteer since 2015. Collecting natural materials to create organic art is a favorite pastime. Sharing her love of nature with others to spark their creativity is a joy!

Please contact Shannon Mann, Agriculture Administrative Assistant at Cornell Cooperative Extension Orange County, at 845-344-1234 or for more information.





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