Two men walking. The younger man's arm is around the older man's shoulder.
Image by Alzheimer's Association Hudson Valley Chapter

Two men walking. The younger man's hand is on the older man's shoulder.


Healthy Living for the Brain and Body

  • Thursday, May 27, 2021, 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Designed to provide current research and practical information on ways to help you age well, the Alzheimer's Association's "Healthy Living for Your Brain and Body: Tips from the Latest Research" is intended for individuals of any age.

The program provides an overview of how humans age and how the brain works.
Alzheimer's Association's current research then provides practical strategies in the following four areas:
1: Physical healthy and exercise
2: Diet and nutrition
3: Cognitive activity
4: Social Engagement

The program concludes with information about the combination of all four areas and what we can do now.

Supported through our partnership with the Alzheimer's Association Hudson Valley Chapter and the NYS Office for the Aging.

Contact the CCESC office to request any special accommodations. Registration is requested in advance online.

This event is free. Registration is required online.





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Last updated February 25, 2021