Flowers in a bouquet.

Bouquet of flowers in a glass jar. Three more bouquets in the background, out of focus.


Intro to Cut Flower Garden

  • Sunday, May 16, 2021, 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM
  • Monday, August 2, 2021, 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM

Spark interest in cut flower and floral arts area in the horticulture department.

  • Youth will learn about beginner-friendly cut flower varieties
  • How to choose which flowers to use
  • Real-time maintenance and care specific to the flower varieties selected
  • The best time to harvest flowers for the longest possible vase live
  • Tips and tricks to get flowers to last the longest in a vase
  • How to design a bouquet and flower arrangement. 
  • Troubleshoot along with the instructor if issues arise in the garden.

Videos Released on Sunday, May, 16th and Monday, August 2nd, 10 am. Participants will need to check Instagram and YouTube periodically for announcements of updated videos.

Contact the CCESC office to request any accommodations.

No registration required.




This event is online

Last updated July 27, 2021