Jean Dittmar, Caregiver Summer 2015

Jodi Goodman, CRMC; Jean Dittmar, caregiver; Bonnie Lewis, CCE

Carolyn Brucher, Caregiver Resource Center Recognition 2015

Jodi Goodman, CRMC; Carol Brucher, caregiver; Kathy Werlau, friend; Bonnie Lewis, CCE

Caregiver Recognition

The Caring for Caregivers Committee was created earlier this year to seek family caregivers in the area who should be acknowledged and honored. 

The committee is represented by Bonnie Lewis, RN, dependent care educator of Cornell Cooperative Extension Sullivan County’s Caregiver Resource Center and Jodi Goodman, director of community services at Catskill Regional Medical Center.

The Caring for Caregivers Committee, realizing caregivers often neglect their own needs and selflessly give of themselves, continues to seek nominations. Letters should include the name and description of why the caregiver is to be considered. 

Letters can be mailed to:

Cornell Cooperative Extension Sullivan County                                                                                                    Attn: Bonnie Lewis                                                                                                                                                          64 Ferndale-Loomis Road                                                                                                                                                  Liberty, NY 12754

Last updated October 28, 2015