School Wellness Institute

2021 School Wellness Summer Institute

2021 School Wellness Summer Institute

What is the School Wellness Summer Institute?

SNAP-Ed Hudson Valley’s School Wellness Summer Institute is dynamic event scheduled for August 10 - 12, 2021 and designed to bring together (virtually) school staff and administration from across the Hudson Valley to inspire, educate and engage. Through live virtual activities, participants will gain knowledge, skills and abilities to start, strengthen and or expand school wellness efforts for staff, students and families.

When: August 10-12, 2021

Location: Online, Registration Required 


  • Inspire our Hudson Valley schools to act and build communities where food and movement matter
  • Educate participants on the connection between food, movement, resilience, and readiness to learn or teach
  • Engage meaningful discussions around nutrition education, physical activity,and the whole child
  • Apply skills and knowledge gained to enhance the quality of programming and students readiness to learn

Motivating, learning, and sharing. The SNAP-Ed Hudson Valley Institute will encourage virtual community building with activities designed to help participants get acquainted, feel comfortable and stay motivated. The three-day event is held each morning from 9am-12pm with 45-minute sessions followed by 15 minutes for Q&A. 

What can participants expect to learn?

At the completion of the conference participants will:

  • Have gained a skillset, connection and/or knowledgethat strengthens wellness efforts in their school.
  • Understand the connection of food, movement and resilience to student and/or staff's ability to learn or teach
  • Be motivated to apply the concepts learned to their specific roles at the classroom, building and/or district level

What will happen at the virtual institute?

The SNAP-Ed Virtual Conference will be held for 3 days with a focus on building skills, connecting programs, inspiring creativity, and strengthening wellness.

Each day participants will have a chance to:

  • Connect ideas, practices and efforts across the Hudson Valley and beyond with and current efforts
  • Grow a deeper understanding of what food and movement matter in a school
  • Demonstrate their own experiences and ideas with their fellow participants.
  • Reflect on what they learned and consider how they will apply new ideas to their current work. 

*Stipends will be available for those in qualifying school districts.

This training is open to all school staff so please feel free to forward the pre-registration link to any of your colleagues or wellness team members you feel would benefit. 

Schedule & Session Descriptions:

Click here for the full schedule & descriptions of each session. Use the links in the document to register for each session you would like to participate in.

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