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Diversity Equity & Inclusion

" Hello friends and neighbors,

We have a long way to go, but to give a snapshot of some of our efforts, particularly over the last three years, CCE Sullivan has an Affirmative Action, Diversity, and Inclusion Plan reviewed and approved annually by our elected board of directors; an internal Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee; adopted HR and subcontractor policies that prohibit discrimination and harassment based on race and other identities; expanded our traditional community-based youth development program models to afterschool programs that “meet kids where they’re at”; provided staff training in provided staff training in diversity, equity, and inclusion, hired bilingual staff and translated our most used outreach materials to Spanish; reviewed our compensation plan to ensure equitable compensation based on education, experience, and length of service; focused board recruitment to be reflective of the entire community; assisted in the creation of the Evergreen Community Garden in Monticello; and more. 

With all that said, according to ongoing survey data, our record at meaningfully engaging Black, Indigenous, People of Color in our programs is dismal, particularly among adult volunteers. Our afterschool programs were helping us build relationships with Black and Brown children and their parents; but when everything shut down for COVID-19, we did not have a strategy in place to sustain those relationships. As a “stop-gap” we lent our friends at Sullivan Allies Leading Together (SALT) our Sullivan Fresh Market on the Move van so they could visit underserved communities, provide food and hope, and keep contact and conversations going. As an organization, we’re still figuring out how to adjust all our program areas to the COVID world, while also being mindful that we need to be open to new strategies and opportunities to make our programs and outreach meaningful and accessible to marginalized communities.

And so, once again, I invite those folx in the community who are interested in helping CCE Sullivan be and do better at removing barriers to accessing our programs and outreach for Black folx and others, in our work."


 -Colleen Monaghan, Executive Director

cm638@cornell.edu | 845-292-6180 ext 106


Nicole A. Slevin Nikolados, SHRM-CP
Administrator & Director of Diversity Equity Inclusion
(845) 292-6180 Ext. 114

Last updated February 23, 2022